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Digital Mindset and 

Working Models



Company Culture

  • Technology as the main factor of change transforms business models of practically any productive sector in the near future

  • Omnichannel strategies and Ecosystems as a basis for developing Operating System Models

  • How to operationalize digitization strategies through specific activities

  • Different technological disciplines disrupt our lives, changing our consumer habits of how to buy, communicate and interact

  • Global trends accelerate the development of technology use 

  • Risks and opportunities of technological development for society

  • Redefinition of traditional working models, shifting from scalable productivity models towards scalable learning models

  • Adaptive Intelligence - Developing the necessary capabilities for people to drive change and not suffer it

  • Challenges of changing the bridge generation - Concept of "Unlearning" concept to adapt to future changes

  • Challenges of the impact of automation processes on the labor market

  • Capabilities that people must develop in order to have the continuous adaptation skills, necessary to assimilate the coming years

  • Innovation strategy and activities, guided by the highest decision-making organ of the organization, as a basis to have a chance of survival in the future

  • Leadership model adaptation in order to have the needed credibility of being able to guide organizations in times of transformation and change

  • Importance of Company Culture, or how to transform the character of my organization

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Alexander Paruschke

Managing Partner apcore

  • I guide my clients through transformation processes, especially focused on people

  • I am a result-oriented consultant, with +15 years of experience in different sectors. (including Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing Industry, Real Estate, Services, Health)

  • I constantly work with people and organizations on an international scale

  • Key Performance Areas: Change Management, Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Internationalization and Human Communication Skills

Some clients' opinion

Alexander and his team immediatly knew how to guide us through the process of designing an omnichannel strategy, redefining therefore the existing working processes towards the client's preferences. "

CIO, Insurance Carrier


Spain: +34 619 110 400

Germany: +49 171 93 00 528

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